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The Worst Traveller

Jul 27, 2021

This week I had the pleasure of sitting down to chat with James Michael Forrest, best known for hiking up all 1001 mountains in the UK and Ireland in the fastest known time, all about his misadventures along the way!

Spending so much time in the outdoors, it's likely you'll run into some tricky situations at some point,...

Jul 20, 2021

This week I had the pleasure of chatting to Claire Taylor from Road to Thriving all about her experiences with VanLife in her home Australia and what it is like living life on the road with your partner and dog!

Claire shares her stories of the trials and tribulations of setting up a nomadic life honestly and openly,...

Jul 13, 2021

Sport often transcends language, it brings people together for all backgrounds, and whilst I'm not the sportiest person around, I do love watching a match or going to a game of something whilst I'm travelling.

Please SIGN this petition that I speak about in the episode, it only takes a minute:

Jul 6, 2021

This week I was absolutely honoured to have Major Chris Brannigan on the podcast talking about the time he walked 700 miles with no shoes or socks on from Lands End to Edinburgh for a better future for his daughter, Hasti, who has a rare genetic disease.

Last year, Chris captured the hearts of the nation on the barefoot...