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The Worst Traveller

Sep 28, 2020

From teaching drama to getting involved in Dungeons and Dragons Societies before 'finding myself' in Asia. This week I reveal the highs and lows of everything I did on my gap year... Or should I say years! 

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Sep 21, 2020

I put too much trust in someone from a hostel in Estonia and he drunkenly convinces me to come to Latvia with him.... It was a big mistake... Enjoy!

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The equipment I...

Sep 14, 2020

This week I am joined by a very special guest in Mack from The Sweaty Traveler podcast... She has a wealth of knowledge about solo travel and I cannot wait for you to hear all the advice and stories she shares in this podcast, whilst also debunking some myths about solo female travel! 

Mack's first trip outside of the...

Sep 7, 2020

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Lingo Lewi this week, who recently went viral on social media for his video in which he speaks 27 languages! This blew my mind. I had to get him on the podcast. Thankfully he agreed to it and we sat down last week over Zoom whilst he was in Sicily and he regaled me with...

Sep 1, 2020

Having visited North Korea 182 times, Simon Cockerell (General Manager of Koryo Tours) takes us on an incredible journey through The DPRK. Simon has been visiting this fascinating country surrounded by secrecy for over 15 years.

In this episode we hear the truth behind rumours and myths about the most mysterious nation...